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Neuro Online Seminar: Breathing Neurology and Post-Covid Syndrome Recovery

3-Hour Live Zoom Training

Available Now!


If you've been struggling to overcome the symptoms of Long-Covid, Long Haulers, or Post-Covid Syndrome then this online seminar is for you!

Two expert neurology instructors from Germany and the United States have come together to teach:

  • How the body's internal sensory awareness is involved in daily activities, athletics, and Long-Covid
  • How that awareness impacts performance (from training, to work, to home-life)
  • And how COVID can affect these brain areas an others that contribute to the symptoms of Long-Covid
  • All instruction is in English

 The seminar includes:

  • Practical explanations of these brain areas, what they do, and why they are so important in recovery
  • Self-assessments to help you determine what areas and what exercises to focus on to begin your recovery training
  • The drills you can use at home to start activating these neurological systems and moving toward feeling better quickly

You've struggled with the after-effects of COVID long enough!