Still Struggling With Symptoms After Covid?


If you're still struggling to overcome and fully recover from Post-Covid Syndrome (Long-Covid, Long-Haulers, etc.) then this coaching program is for you. Each week we'll teach new drills, answer questions, and support you in your recovery!
This 12-week training will teach you exactly what you need to know to re-train your brain and take back your life! 
Why your brain? Because virtually ALL long-covid symptoms are neurological.

New NEURO RECOVERY Group Starting Soon! 

Do you have any of these
Long-Covid Symptoms?


🎯 Loss of smell/taste

🎯 Hair loss

🎯 Anxiety

🎯 Dysautonomia

🎯 Heart Rate Issues

🎯 Breathlessness

🎯 Fatigue

🎯 Weakness

🎯 Joint & Muscle Pain=

🎯 G.I. Dysfunction


If you have any of these, JOIN US and let's get back your energy, your health, and your life!

What Previous Participants Have Said....


Michelle, from Colorado



Carrie, from Arizona



Jessica, from Toronto



Whitney, from Arizona


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