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Whether you are a personal trainer, strength coach, nutrition coach, athletic therapist, pain relief specialist, life/mindset coach, yoga or pilates instructor, or a neuro educator......

With our Neuro Biomechanical Education, we will give you the knowledge to help you utilize applied neurology and brain-based training so that you can reduce your pain, increase recovery, and dramatically improve your client's performance and strength.   


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This mentorship is the most game-changing training I have ever done.  It is changing everything about how I work with my clients and my own performance goals.  The education on the brain, nervous system, and how we respond to threat has integrated ALL of my other years of training and application in a way I never knew possible.
    — L.Palmer (current student)

Applied Neurology Mentorship

The Applied Neuro-Biomechanical Educational Mentorship

Let’s be honest, the personal training educational model and what you have learned has not been changed in 20+ years and only taught you the below-the-neck biomechanical model.  As the pandemic has continued on, the industry has moved to an online model that has become very lazy. 

I’m sorry personal trainers, online, do-it-yourself courses are NO replacement for a REAL-TIME MENTOR in the space.  And this is EXACTLY why Next Level Neuro built this specific model with your needs in mind.

Let’s tell you exactly how we are changing the personal training education model and what you will be learning….

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Post-Covid Recovery Training

Neuro Recovery Group Coaching

If you're still struggling to overcome and fully recovery from Post-Covid Syndrome (Long-Covid, Long-Haulers, etc.) then this coaching program is for you. Each week we'll teach new drills, answer questions, and support you in your recovery!


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Neuro Recovery Protocol At-Home Training

Want to increase the speed of your Post-Covid recovery? The Neuro Recovery Protocol is the encyclopedia of exercises and training drills for Post-Covid Recovery! This online training program will teach you how to start your own neuro recovery at home, at your own speed. You can feel better and do something about Long-Covid NOW!


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The Neuro Online Seminar for Post-Covid Recovery

The teaching presentation that started it all! Presented in 2020, this 3-hour training covers the introductory neuroscience behind Long-Covid and what to do about it!


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Athletic Neuro Coaching

Athletes: Reach Your Highest Performance with Neuro Training!

Utilize neuroscience principals to improve efficiency and optimize performance. Harness the power of cutting-edge science in your own training at home, at the gym, or at the stadium

Join us to apply a proven formula to maximize your athletic potential.

Coaches & Therapists: Give Your Clients the Edge, with Advanced Applied Neurology

Brain-based training tools for coaches, personal trainers, physiotherapists, physical therapists, or anyone working with athletes. 

Discover what’s really holding your clients back and eliminate the roadblocks to reaching their highest athletic performance potential.

Coaches of all Kinds: Learn the Neurology of Coaching

Our advanced 9-week program will walk you through the neurology of WHY and HOW world-class coaching works - and also where it breaks down.

In our Neurology of Coaching program, you'll learn what you and your clients need to know so you can push past plateaus and create the best possible results.

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Matt Bush is an internationally known instructor of Applied Neurology, Sport Science, Athletic Development, and High Performance Coaching. He has accrued over 10,000 hours of course instruction and coaching for physios, personal trainers, athletic coaches, chiropractors, yoga & pilates instructors, and other health & fitness professionals. 


Kathy Mauck has 25+ years of experience in biology, medical research, and neurological study. Before working with Next Level Neuro, she was a partner and creator of a neuroscience-based education company called Z-Health Performance. After selling that business, she now focuses her attention in two areas: Neuro Training with Next Level Neuro and Business Growth Coaching through her other business, KJM Consulting.