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Unlocking Peak Strength Performance In The Deadlift - How Neuro Stacking Enhances Strength Training neurology personal training education
At Next Level Neuro, we understand that neuro training can sometimes look unconventional, even amusing. But if it delivers results, who’s to argue with success?
In our latest video, we...
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Join Our Next Level Neuro Educational Newsletter applied neurology brain science neuro education neurology pain relief
We've taken another step to support the next generation of coaches by providing even more valuable information. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to access in-depth applied neurology...
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Do you have chronic pain you can’t relieve? Read This.
Understanding and Addressing Recurring Pain: The Brain First Approach
Pain is an experience that affects us all at some point. For those in coaching, personal training and therapeutic...
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The Top 4 Reasons You're Missing Out by Not Adding Neuro to Your Training
In the realm of athletic performance and pain relief, traditional Bio-mechanical training methods have long dominated the field of fitness and therapy. 
By focusing solely on the...
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The Skinny on Cranial Nerves neuro education neuro mentorship personal training education vision training
Wait? We have nerves in our cranium that impact our pain and performance throughout our body.
This was a huge lightbulb for our new mentorship students when we introduced the cranial
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Voted On By Students - The Top 5 Reasons Why Neuro Has Change Their Business neuro education neuro mentorship personal training education
 As a coach, personal trainer, or therapist emerging from the challenges of COVID-19, are you seeking an educational edge that not only elevates you above your peers but also integrates...
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6 Reasons For Adding Vision Training to Your Training Routine applied neurology fitness education neuro mentorship vision training
The brain devotes more than 50% of its processing capacity to visual input. This high level of detail and the brain's extensive processing power dedicated to vision make it our primary tool...
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How Do I Know Which Area of the Brain to Train? applied neurology brain science personal training education
If I were a personal trainer, coach, or therapist looking into Applied Neurology and how it can impact my coaching, a question we get daily on our information calls is the title of this article:...
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Understanding How The Brain Interprets Stress and Its Importance - The Threat Bucket brain science neuro mentorship pain relief
How many times have you told a client or been told; “You need to decrease your stress.”
Of course, we do. We all do.  It’s no secret we all could use a little more of...
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Avoid These 2 Common Mistakes When Considering An Applied Neurology Education applied neurology brain science personal training education posture training
Are you considering taking an applied neurology course, but are unsure if it is for you and/or do not know where to start?
With the success that our current students have in their...
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What is Applied Neurology? neuro mentorship neurology personal training education
Applied Neurology: Enhancing Your Brain's and Body's Potential
Imagine exercising not just your muscles, but your brain itself. That's the essence of applied neurology or neurotraining. It...
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What Is The Number one Googled Pain, Next to Back Pain? brain science neuro education neuro mentorship pain relief
Yes, it's headaches.
When you experience a headache, do you believe it's your brain that's in pain?
It's not uncommon to experience stress-induced headaches, especially during moments...
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The Top 4 Ways Your Vision Improves Your Health applied neurology brain science neuro education neuro mentorship vision training
Did you know your eyes are responsible for 80% of how you take in the world? This means they are the first contact in how our brains perceive threats.
The eyes are remarkable sensory organs,...
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Andrew Huberman's Neuroscientific Revolution Is Changing the Traditional Biomechanical Approach to Health and Fitness applied neurology brain science neuro education neuro mentorship
The impact of Huberman is swiftly reshaping health and fitness education for clients globally. Few clients invested in their health fail to raise questions about topics Huberman has addressed on...
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The Loss Of Live Mentors In Health and Fitness Education applied neurology neuro education neuro mentorship
As a coach, personal trainer therapist, or health practitioner, are you relying solely on online courses as the key to your continuing education? 
There is an ease to online education,...
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Is Neurology Just For Stroke Victims? applied neurology neuro mentorship
“Think neurology is just for specialists? Think again!
Every action and reaction, every improvement and achievement is rooted in our neurology—yes, that includes our workouts!...
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FREE LIVE NEURO WORKSHOP REPLAY applied neurology neuro education neuro mentorship
Your Replay:
Discover the Power of Applied Neuro, Why You Want to Train the Nervous System, and Understand How to Best Serve Your Clients Through Applied Neurology! 
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LIVE Neuro Workshop (Replay will be available) neuro education neuro mentorship
Have you been wondering if Applied Neurology will work with your type of coaching or have some questions you would like to ask?   
Join us for a Live workshop on Neuro Training...
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Is Applied Neurology To Complicated For The Coaching Profession?
This statement is one we hear a lot…
“Applied neurology doesn’t fit with my level of training.”


This is a VERY common statement we hear from first-time inquiries...
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The 4 Best Neuro Drills For Fundamental Movements brain science neuro education neuro mentorship pain relief
Are you looking to take your gym workouts to the next level? Want to improve your squats, lunges, presses, and pulls with minimal effort? Incorporating neuro drills into your routine might be the...
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The Top 3 Inputs That Dictate Your Brain/Body Response in Training brain science neuro education neuro mentorship
In our journey to comprehend the workings of the human brain and the body, one crucial aspect to understand is how it perceives and responds to threats(stress) and how that matters in conjunction...
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7 Outcomes we expect when adding applied neurology to training brain science neuro education neuro mentorship
In the world of athletics, fitness, and skill development, the quest for improvement is a constant pursuit. Athletes, coaches, and trainers are always seeking new methods to enhance performance,...
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3 Essential Educational Components Absent in Today's Trainer, Coach, and Therapist Training brain science neuro education personal training education
In the realm of health and fitness, we often focus on physical exercise and nutrition, but what about the intricate workings of the brain and nervous system?
Those behind closed doors and...
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3 Things We Discover When Assessing the Nervous System and Brain case studies fitness education neuro mentorship posture training
(*In the video below, we utilize an assessment involving perturbation to evaluate the nervous system and brain. This allows us to determine how the brain is functioning and make informed decisions...
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