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From Survival Mindset to Thriving Neurology: Unlocking Peak Performance neuro education neuro mentorship
Numerous health professionals have expanded their expertise by incorporating various health and training modalities into their repertoire, aiming to discover the elusive golden goose that...
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Recap: The Applied Neurology Workshop - You don't want to miss the replay! case studies fitness education neuro education posture training
Have you wanted a few things in applied neurology that will change the very way you train your clients?  Have you been looking for new ways to train posture that are sustainable and understand...
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Unlocking the Secrets Of Strength & Movement Through Perception, Vision, & Hearing neuro education neuro mentorship personal training education
Have you ever pondered why perception, vision, and hearing play such pivotal roles in training education? Matt Bush, the director of our education, offers a profound insight: "Your brain is...
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Cracking the Neuro Code: Unveiling Brain Education for Coaches neuro education neuro mentorship pain relief
Have you ever stopped to consider the profound impact that understanding brain anatomy could have on your training business? What about being able to turn areas of the brain on that are not...
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How Applied Neuroscience is Redefining Fitness and Health neuro education neuro mentorship personal training education
In a field inundated with fads and quick fixes, one truth remains constant: the brain holds the key to unlocking our full potential for maintaining a quality of life we all want. 
In a...
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Mentorship Students Speak Out! fitness education neuro education neuro mentorship
--> See what a former student Scott Livingston, a long-time veteran in the fitness industry, and his thoughts on our Director of Education, Matt Bush.
The combined experience of...
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Next Level Neuro FREE WORKSHOP neuro education neuro mentorship
"FREE Training Workshop is on Wednesday, February 21st (10:00am Pacific) 
This will be a training workshop, not case studies, where we take YOU through a new neurological assessment...
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Q+ A: What Is The Next Level Neuro Mentorship Is All About? neuro mentorship neurology
This video was taken off an Instagram live we did to talk candidly about the Next Level Neuro Mentorship.
Here we explore questions about what Applied Neurology is, how it can enhance your coaching...
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FREE CASE STUDY SERIES: Curious about how you integrate Applied Neurology & Training? case studies long covid neuro education
Curious about how you integrate Applied Neurology & Training?  
Next Level Neuro's ♦♦ 2024's LIMITED - 4 PART - CASE STUDY SERIES —> FREE!
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4 Ways You Can Use Applied Neurology To Reduce Pain With Your Clients neuro education neuro mentorship personal training education
Which of these 4 Pain Relieving Techniques is the Which of these 4 Pain Relieving Techniques is the most surprising to you?
Where does the output for pain come from 100% of the time?
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The Brains Role In Posture: A Neurological Understanding for Coaches brain science neuro mentorship neurology posture training
Have you ever found yourself frustrated as a coach, tirelessly working on improving your clients' posture or even your own, only to see minimal or temporary results?
The quest for lasting...
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3 Reasons Why Neuro Education is the Game-Changer for Movement Pros brain science neuro education neuro mentorship
Have you ever wondered why some movement professionals who are applied neurology educated seem to achieve faster and better results than their colleagues?
The answer lies in everything...
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Navigating the Neurological Minesweeper: A Foolproof Approach to Client Assessment brain science neuro education
Have you ever played the game Minesweeper?
You know, the frustrating yet addictive game we all couldn’t stop playing? Ever struggled to figure out where to start, only to end up...
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Have We Been Training Corrective Exercise All Wrong?: A Neurological Perspective for Fitness Pros neuro education personal training education posture training
Warning - Reading This Might Change Your Approach to Coaching Forever
Answer this question truthfully; Of all the posture and corrective exercise work you do, what is the success rate of...
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💪 How Do We Unlock Our Bodies Potential.......and ACTUALLY have it STAY? neuro education neuro mentorship
How frustrating is it to sit in a training session, and think you have made a significant change in your body, only to come back the next session and you are back to where you originally...
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How Understanding the Nervous System is Revolutionizing Workouts neuro mentorship personal training education
How do you know that the workouts or exercises you are choosing for your clients are benefitting them?  Is it as simple as asking them if they hurt?  Or how they feel?  
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Are You Really Strong Enough To Pick Up A Car Under Stress? Neurology May Have The Answer neuro education neuro mentorship
In the dynamic world of kettlebells, Pavel, a worldwide leader in the kettlebell movement, once asserted, "You're all strong enough to pick up a car; you just don't know how. Right?"
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Unveiling the Blueprint for Our Long Covid Recovery Program long covid neuro education neuro mentorship
In the ever-shifting landscape of post-Covid recovery, our program emerges as a guide and a proven system for you to engage for the rest of your life.  As you navigate the labyrinth of long...
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How fast does your brain change? brain science neuro education personal training education
Why does this statement put neurology and neuroeducation at the forefront of your client's training? 
...because the brain changes as fast as you snap your fingers.  This is...
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Are You Struggling With The Lingering Effects of Long-COVID? long covid neuro education
There’s a new strategy in town for Long-Covid Recovery!
75% of people experiencing COVID symptoms are still grappling with the aftermath, with an estimated 60% of those who...
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Neurology Education: The Starbucks of Fitness Evolution neuro education personal training education
 Brewing Brain-Savvy Brain Health and Fitness à la Starbucks
As the fitness landscape undergoes a new evolutionary shift, mirroring the dynamic changes in our daily lives,...
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How To Deal With Pain From A Brain FIRST Perspective brain science neuro education
Do you find yourself frustrated and at a loss when clients walk in with pain and you can’t help them?
The conventional approach in the fitness industry often involves addressing pain...
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Brain Before Brawn: The Bold Frontier of Next-Level Health with Front-Line Coaches brain science neuro education neuro mentorship
For the first time in the history of our world, coaches are not just taking care of the physical aspect of our people, they are vested in improving our brain health.
To our Frontline...
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Case Study: 3x Ms. Fitness Olympia Champion case studies neuro education


If you missed our scoliosis surgery exploration last Friday, be sure to catch the replay—it's generating quite the buzz. Today, we pivot to the world of professional athletes,...
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