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Understanding How The Brain Interprets Stress and Its Importance - The Threat Bucket brain science neuro mentorship pain relief
How many times have you told a client or been told; “You need to decrease your stress.”
Of course, we do. We all do.  It’s no secret we all could use a little more of...
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What Is The Number one Googled Pain, Next to Back Pain? brain science neuro education neuro mentorship pain relief
Yes, it's headaches.
When you experience a headache, do you believe it's your brain that's in pain?
It's not uncommon to experience stress-induced headaches, especially during moments...
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The 4 Best Neuro Drills For Fundamental Movements brain science neuro education neuro mentorship pain relief
Are you looking to take your gym workouts to the next level? Want to improve your squats, lunges, presses, and pulls with minimal effort? Incorporating neuro drills into your routine might be the...
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The Top 6 Posture Clues Linked to Your Brain neurology pain relief personal training education posture training
Have you ever considered how your posture might be intimately connected to the functioning of your brain?
Neuroscience research has uncovered fascinating connections between posture and...
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The Posture-Brain Connection: A Deep Dive Education brain science case studies neuro education pain relief posture training
Have you ever pondered the intricate relationship between posture and brain function?
It's a question that often leaves us contemplating: which influences the other—posture or brain...
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Solving The Headache: A Comprehensive Neuro Guide case studies neuro education neurology pain relief
Have you ever woken up with an excruciating headache, seemingly out of nowhere?


Perhaps it lingered throughout the day, interfering with your ability to concentrate or enjoy your usual...
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The Top 5 Common Health Challenges Where Neural Training Thrives case studies neuro education pain relief personal training education posture training
What if becoming a coach with an educational expertise in applied neurology  or Therapist opened you up to a whole New World of clients and patience that you will have the tools to help get...
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Cracking the Neuro Code: Unveiling Brain Education for Coaches neuro education neuro mentorship pain relief
Have you ever stopped to consider the profound impact that understanding brain anatomy could have on your training business? What about being able to turn areas of the brain on that are not...
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A Chiropractorā€™s View: The Power of Applied Neurology in Pain Management case studies neuro mentorship pain relief
In the fast-paced world of healthcare, Ben, a Chiropractor, brings newfound hope to those seeking innovative approaches to pain management. With an unwavering commitment to uncovering the...
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Case Study: From Pain To Performance case studies neuro education pain relief
Dance is a form of self-expression that requires not only skill and talent but also a strong connection between mind and body. It's a world where every movement tells a story, and dancers...
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Top 19 Neuro Drills By Functional Movement fitness education neuro education pain relief
Do you have nagging injuries that you can’t seem to help?
Have you tried using the Functional Movement Screen and its modalities for help?
In the infographic above, do you avoid those...
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The 3 Most Popular Neuro Drills - Voted On By Our Coaches & Personal Trainers neuro education neurology pain relief
Are your clients struggling with persistent posture issues or lingering pain, despite months of training?
Unlike traditional personal training education that solely focuses on everything...
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3 Secret Neuro Drills for Pain Relief neurology pain relief
"Attention coaches and personal trainers! Are chronic pain clients or personal struggles with persistent pain holding you back? You're not alone!"
Welcome to a new era where neuro personal...
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