Case Study: From Pain To Performance

case studies neuro education pain relief Oct 12, 2023
Dance is a form of self-expression that requires not only skill and talent but also a strong connection between mind and body. It's a world where every movement tells a story, and dancers push their bodies to the limits to convey their emotions. In the case of Jessica, a dedicated dancer and certified holistic nutritionist, her world came crashing down when she suffered a severe wrist injury during a performance. 

Background: A Glimpse into Jessica's Journey

Before her injury, Jessica had been a dancer for as long as she could remember, but her journey was far from ordinary. Behind the scenes, Jessica battled a series of health issues, including vestibular problems, while her past struggles with long COVID added an extra layer of complexity to her already challenging health history.

Initial Rehabilitation: Overcoming the Pain

The day Jessica's world changed was when she suffered a wrist injury during a dance performance. The incident occurred while she was executing a challenging spin turn, and her wrist bore the brunt of the fall. The severity of the injury required immediate medical attention, and she underwent surgery in the first week of December.
The surgical procedure involved implanting a titanium plate and nine screws to stabilize her shattered radius. Her journey to recovery began with her initial rehabilitation phase, which was primarily focused on pain relief. Her description of the pain as "excruciating" set the tone for the challenges ahead.

The Approach:

The key to her initial rehabilitation was a holistic approach. Rather than solely focusing on the wrist, Jessica and her Next Level Neuro team looked at the bigger picture through a neurological lens. 
Sensory retraining became another critical aspect of her rehabilitation. The surgery left her with numbness in several areas surrounding the injury, and it was essential to rebuild her sensory map. 


Complications arose when Jessica had an allergic reaction to the sutures, leading to the removal and subsequent re-suturing of the wound. This setback pushed back her rehabilitation timeline, but it also emphasized the importance of addressing scar tissue and sensory rehab. It was clear that her body needed a comprehensive approach to recovery.
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Recovery: A Triumph of Determination

Despite the setback caused by the allergic reaction to the sutures, Jessica's determination shone through. Her dedication to dance and her holistic health journey kept her going. She embraced her recovery and incorporated visual and vestibular training to improve her overall balance and mobility.
It was not only about addressing the wrist itself; Jessica's recovery was holistic. Her history of vestibular issues and digestive problems meant that her rehabilitation needed to encompass more than just the injured area. By working on her vestibular system, visual training, and midline cerebellum, her rehabilitation team aimed to reduce the overall threat in her system, not just at the site of injury.
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