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How To Deal With Pain From A Brain FIRST Perspective brain science neuro education
Do you find yourself frustrated and at a loss when clients walk in with pain and you can’t help them?
The conventional approach in the fitness industry often involves addressing pain...
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Brain Before Brawn: The Bold Frontier of Next-Level Health with Front-Line Coaches brain science neuro education neuro mentorship
For the first time in the history of our world, coaches are not just taking care of the physical aspect of our people, they are vested in improving our brain health.
To our Frontline...
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10 Reasons WHY Personal Trainers Embrace Neurology for Optimal Fitness brain science fitness education neuro education
The landscape of health has been evolving for years, and personal trainers and coaches find themselves at the forefront of this ever-changing field. These frontline professionals, who have been...
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Case Study: A Neurological Approach to Chronic Joint Pain brain science case studies neuro education neuro mentorship
Have you or do you have clients who experience such debilitating joint pain that their only remedy may be a joint replacement?  Listen to this case study and you may have found an...
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Understanding the Vital Distinction Between Biomechanical and Neurological Training: The Top 5 Differences brain science neuro education neuro mentorship
Confused if a neurological education will enhance your training? Here are the 5 distinct differences that distinguish neurological from biomechanical training, each offering unique benefits for...
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Neurology Education and Mindset: A Dynamic Duo for Client Success brain science fitness education mindset
Do you work with clients who oscillate between wholehearted commitment and disengagement daily? Spend just 60 seconds with us, and we'll clarify how coaching neurology reduces your clients' brain...
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Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Power of Repetition brain science fitness education neuro education
 The brain is a dynamic organ capable of rapid change. Now, picture yourself wielding the power to rewire and transform your brain at any age, all starting with a simple principle.
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Empowering Personal Trainers: How Applied Neurology Redefines Education and Enhances the FMS Experience brain science fitness education neuro mentorship personal training education


In the realm of fitness, health, and coaching, maintaining a competitive edge is essential for delivering outstanding results to your clients. While you may already excel in your...
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The Big Lie About Training Posture You've Been Swallowing Whole - Part 2 brain science neuro education personal training education posture training
Why Ballerinas Don't Need 'Posture Training': A Reality Check for the Fitness Industry
Consider a ballerina with impeccable posture.
Her upright stance isn't the result of constant...
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Why is it so hard to get rid of chronic pain? brain science neuro education neuro mentorship
Why is it so hard to get rid of chronic pain?   That answer lies in what the next generation of coaches are learning.
In our experience, an astonishing 90% of new students...
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Tight Muscles: More Than Just A Response? – Or A Protective Strategy From Your Brain? brain science neuro education
The new frontier in understanding muscle tension might not be in your muscles at all - there's a deeper conversation your body and brain is trying to have with you.
Picture this: You're...
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4 Critical Insights to Redefine The Traditional Approach to Posture Training brain science neuro education personal training education
Have you ever felt as though there's a missing piece to the puzzle of posture? Could it be that the key lies not just within the alignment of the spine, but also within the recesses of our brain?...
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Mastering Balance: The Impact of Vestibular System /Inner Ear Training in Personal Training Education brain science neurology personal training education
Have you ever considered the essential role your brain's vestibular system plays in your fitness journey? From maintaining balance effortlessly to enhancing athletic performance, this...
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Enhancing Your Personal Training with Applied Movement Neurology and Neuro Drills brain science fitness education neuro education
 Are you looking to take your personal training sessions to the next level?
Are you ready to learn how to apply neurology drills to your programs and fast-track your results, designed to take...
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What's In Our Neuro Mentorship Program brain science fitness education neuro education neurology
What is the Next Level Neuro Mentorship Program?

•90-minute live teaching every week on Applied Neurology
•Quarterly In-Person training to practice your skills with other practitioners
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How Does Brain Science Enhance Personal Training? brain science fitness education neuro education neurology
As personal trainers, we often prioritize physical fitness—strength, endurance, and flexibility. However, there's a hidden force that holds the key to unlocking true potential: the brain....
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