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10 Reasons WHY Personal Trainers Embrace Neurology for Optimal Fitness brain science fitness education neuro education
The landscape of health has been evolving for years, and personal trainers and coaches find themselves at the forefront of this ever-changing field. These frontline professionals, who have been...
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Neurology Education and Mindset: A Dynamic Duo for Client Success brain science fitness education mindset
Do you work with clients who oscillate between wholehearted commitment and disengagement daily? Spend just 60 seconds with us, and we'll clarify how coaching neurology reduces your clients' brain...
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The 7 Fundamental Reasons to Embrace Brain-Based Education With Training fitness education neuro education neuro mentorship
Do you often find yourself caught in a cycle where clients seek your expertise to lose weight and get fit, but their journey takes a detour due to injuries? It's a dilemma that many trainers and...
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Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Power of Repetition brain science fitness education neuro education
 The brain is a dynamic organ capable of rapid change. Now, picture yourself wielding the power to rewire and transform your brain at any age, all starting with a simple principle.
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Why Personal Trainers Should Add Neurology To Their Training Sessions fitness education neuro education neuro mentorship personal training education
Are you, whether you're a personal trainer or a coach, experiencing frustration because your clients' chronic pain problems persist or keep returning? Does this frustration mirror the challenges...
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Unlocking Athletic Potential: The Power of Neuro Training for Personal Trainers fitness education neuro education personal training education
What if I told you that every one of your clients possesses untapped athletic potential and that potential is being hindered by the lack of brain optimization? Just like a muscle that gets...
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Empowering Personal Trainers: How Applied Neurology Redefines Education and Enhances the FMS Experience brain science fitness education neuro mentorship personal training education


In the realm of fitness, health, and coaching, maintaining a competitive edge is essential for delivering outstanding results to your clients. While you may already excel in your...
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How The Education Of Personal Trainers Is Becoming Increasingly Vital To Our Healthcare System fitness education personal training education


From neuroscience to nutrition, the educational requirements for personal trainers are expanding—and for good reason; they are becoming THE integral player in the broader landscape of...
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The Undervalued Role of Live Mentors in Personal Training Education fitness education neuro education neuro mentorship
Think you can become the next fitness guru with just an online course?
The rise of online education has been a double-edged sword, especially in the field of personal training. While it has...
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The Top 5 Benefits of Vision Training and Its Synergy with Personal Training fitness education neuro education vision training
 Why Vision Training is the Essential Companion to Your Fitness Regime
In today's dynamic world of fitness, we've recognized the paramount importance of strength, flexibility,...
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Top 19 Neuro Drills By Functional Movement fitness education neuro education pain relief
Do you have nagging injuries that you can’t seem to help?
Have you tried using the Functional Movement Screen and its modalities for help?
In the infographic above, do you avoid those...
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Enhancing Your Personal Training with Applied Movement Neurology and Neuro Drills brain science fitness education neuro education
 Are you looking to take your personal training sessions to the next level?
Are you ready to learn how to apply neurology drills to your programs and fast-track your results, designed to take...
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What's In Our Neuro Mentorship Program brain science fitness education neuro education neurology
What is the Next Level Neuro Mentorship Program?

•90-minute live teaching every week on Applied Neurology
•Quarterly In-Person training to practice your skills with other practitioners
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How Does Brain Science Enhance Personal Training? brain science fitness education neuro education neurology
As personal trainers, we often prioritize physical fitness—strength, endurance, and flexibility. However, there's a hidden force that holds the key to unlocking true potential: the brain....
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Why the traditional fitness education model is failing us. fitness education neuro education
The traditional education model has a 17-year lag between research and practice.

College textbooks are outdated the day they are published.

The world of brain science is so new that most coaches,...
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