What's In Our Neuro Mentorship Program

brain science fitness education neuro education neurology Jul 18, 2023
What is the Next Level Neuro Mentorship Program?

•90-minute live teaching every week on Applied Neurology
•Quarterly In-Person training to practice your skills with other practitioners
•Specifically for personal trainers, coaches, and therapists
•Education "from the neck, up" to create faster results "from the neck, down"
•Applied neuroscience concepts & exercises that differentiate you and your business in the marketplace
•The neurology of pain relief that can be used with any client
•Applied neuroanatomy for pain relief, strength/ athletic training, and performance improvement

If you don't understand the neurology of pain science, motor control, neural stabilization, and the integration of vision, vestibular function, and force production... it may be time to level up your education!

Learning neurology will equip you to be the best possible coach in your industry, who can create better results and get paid more for your work

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