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Case Study: Neurology & Chronic Pain case studies neuro mentorship neurology
Do you have clients that live day to day grappling with chronic pain and it is hurting their quality of life?   Listen to this case study as we dive into Torrin's case and maybe you will...
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5 Reasons Why Neurology is Essential for Todays Personal Trainer neuro education neurology personal training education
What if everything we've been taught about fitness and health is just scratching the surface, and the real power lies in our brain's hidden capabilities to change our lives?
In the...
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Mastering Balance: The Impact of Vestibular System /Inner Ear Training in Personal Training Education brain science neurology personal training education
Have you ever considered the essential role your brain's vestibular system plays in your fitness journey? From maintaining balance effortlessly to enhancing athletic performance, this...
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The 3 Most Popular Neuro Drills - Voted On By Our Coaches & Personal Trainers neuro education neurology pain relief
Are your clients struggling with persistent posture issues or lingering pain, despite months of training?
Unlike traditional personal training education that solely focuses on everything...
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3 Secret Neuro Drills for Pain Relief neurology pain relief
"Attention coaches and personal trainers! Are chronic pain clients or personal struggles with persistent pain holding you back? You're not alone!"
Welcome to a new era where neuro personal...
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What's In Our Neuro Mentorship Program brain science fitness education neuro education neurology
What is the Next Level Neuro Mentorship Program?

•90-minute live teaching every week on Applied Neurology
•Quarterly In-Person training to practice your skills with other practitioners
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How Does Brain Science Enhance Personal Training? brain science fitness education neuro education neurology
As personal trainers, we often prioritize physical fitness—strength, endurance, and flexibility. However, there's a hidden force that holds the key to unlocking true potential: the brain....
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