3 Secret Neuro Drills for Pain Relief

neurology pain relief Aug 02, 2023
"Attention coaches and personal trainers! Are chronic pain clients or personal struggles with persistent pain holding you back? You're not alone!"
Welcome to a new era where neuro personal training education is accessible to all. At Next Level Neuro, we believe coaches and trainers deserve top-notch education, leading to higher pay and empowered skills. Together, let's revolutionize the industry and provide more tools to put an end to chronic pain. Here's a sneak peek into our neuro integration.
Experience the power of our three simple yet effective pain relief Neuro Drills, transforming your well-being. From lower back to sciatica or elbow pain, these Neuro Drills, combined with breathing techniques, deliver targeted relief. Discover these secret weapons, enhancing your mobility and alleviating discomfort.
1. Green Light Therapy for Pain Relief:
Green light therapy has a unique wavelength that helps calm the part of the brain responsible for the 'fight or flight' response. In situations where stress and hypervigilance trigger pain, this therapy can work wonders. It's a simple yet effective technique to reduce pain signals and improve your overall well-being.
2. Breathing Exercises for Pain Relief:
The power of breathing techniques in pain relief cannot be underestimated. By calming the nervous system, breathing exercises can significantly impact pain perception. Try this effective breathing exercise:
a) Bag Breathing: Grab a paper bag or a small container. Inhale and exhale into the bag or container for a few minutes. This practice balances the body's biochemistry and supplies fresh oxygen to the brain, reducing pain signals.
3. Inter-Limb Neural Coupling for Joint Pain:
Neurology introduces a fascinating concept called inter-limb neural coupling, which can provide relief for joint pain. By moving the joint on the exact opposite end of your body, you can alleviate pain in the targeted area. Here are some examples:
a) Right Side Wrist Pain: Move the left side ankle through ankle circles or gentle stretches.
b) Left Knee Pain: Improve mobility by moving the right elbow with simple arm swings.
Take charge of your pain and improve your quality of life with our secret weapons for pain relief. Incorporating these Neuro Drills, breathing exercises, and inter-limb neural coupling into your daily routine can make a genuine difference in managing discomfort and enhancing mobility.
These techniques are not magic; they are backed by science and have proven to be effective. So why wait? Give them a try and experience the positive impact they can have on your life.  If you would like more detailed information regarding these exercises, learn about our education, or talk more in-depth, please fill out the contact us below. 

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