The 3 Most Popular Neuro Drills - Voted On By Our Coaches & Personal Trainers

neuro education neurology pain relief Aug 04, 2023
Are your clients struggling with persistent posture issues or lingering pain, despite months of training?
Unlike traditional personal training education that solely focuses on everything below the neck, at Next Level Neuro, we understand that everything above the neck profoundly affects everything below it. Think of your brain as the conductor of your symphony, orchestrating optimal performance.
In our mentorship, we call these effective and versatile drills "high payoff" because they quickly achieve their intended results, benefiting a wide range of clients.
As a personal trainer or coach, you can achieve faster and lasting results. By training the right part of the brain and understanding how high-stress levels drive pain and tighten the body, you'll witness remarkable transformations in your clients.
Neurology and Neuro Drills are the next evolution in fitness education.
Now, let's explore our top 3 HIGH PAYOFF DRILLS so you can explore 
(#3) Sensory Integration Techniques (i.e., Infinity Walk):
These techniques work wonders for those experiencing sensory mismatch, which manifests as motion sickness, dizziness, vertigo, or other issues during activities like riding in cars, boats, or rollercoasters. By recalibrating the vision, vestibular, and movement body systems, these drills align everything in the same direction again.



(#2) Peripheral Nerve Mobility:
Don't limit these drills to just relieving neurogenic pain like sciatica. Nerve "flossing" or "glides" offer benefits beyond that, including immediate strength and power enhancement, improved balance, and coordination through cerebellum activation.


(#1) Inhibition Techniques:
In our increasingly sensory-overloaded environment, it's no wonder that coaches, clients, and instructors turn to inhibition techniques to regulate the nervous system. Tuning down the sensory input with these powerful tools can effectively change someone's state and reduce perceived threats.


If you're eager to explore more of our favorite Neuro Drills, we have put together an introductory course. The Neuro Functional Strength Training Introductory Course follows a "we do, you do, you assess" process with the top 19 Neuro Drills, helping you integrate the basics of neurology and training seamlessly.
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