The common source of frustration among coaches and healthcare professionals

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Here is a glimpse into the essence of what sets Next Level Neuro apart.
What is the most common source of frustration among coaches, trainers, healthcare providers, and doctors in this modern era of healthcare? 
Over the past year, we've delved into numerous case studies, dissecting various scenarios and solutions. {If you want those case studies for free, search case studies on the sidebar and you will get access to them via the blog post]
However, we believe it's time to offer something different—something that provides deeper insight and tangible value.
For those who have been following our journey with Next Level Neuro, you're likely aware of the upcoming mentorship training scheduled to commence in less than 20 days, starting March 12th, 2024. In anticipation of this start date, we've decided to shift gears and offer a glimpse into the essence of what sets Next Level Neuro apart.
At the core of our methodology lies a fundamental principle: to look at the entire body, not just from the neck down. Unlike traditional approaches that often focus solely on the neck down, we emphasize the interconnectedness of the entire body, particularly the intricate relationship between the nervous system and physical performance. 
WHY?  Because we are training the nervous system all the time. You’re training the entire body all the time.
Every movement, every exercise, every intervention—no matter how targeted—inevitably influences the entire physiological framework. It's a concept that extends beyond the realms of conventional rehabilitation and strength training. Even seemingly isolated actions are inherently tied to broader systems, including the visual and vestibular systems.
The question we pose to our students when we present this message is - are you training the nervous system on purpose? And are you aware that you're constantly making changes to the governing systems of the body, whether you know it or not? So there's no exercise or rehabilitation exercise that we give a client. There's no strength training exercise.
There's no pain relief exercise. There's nothing that we give a client that doesn't always include their visual system. It always does.
You can't take it out. Their eyes are never out of the equation. And what's funny is I'm going to say this because at some point someone says, well, what if the client's blind? It doesn't matter.
Consider this: every client, regardless of their condition or capabilities, engages not just their muscles, but also their visual and vestibular apparatus. Even individuals with visual impairments are not exempt, as their extraocular muscles actively participate in movement coordination.
So, what does this mean for practitioners? It signifies a paradigm shift—a departure from compartmentalized approaches towards a more holistic understanding of human physiology. It's about acknowledging the pervasive influence of the visual and vestibular systems and integrating them into every facet of training and rehabilitation.
Now, let's address a common source of frustration among coaches and healthcare professionals: the variability in client outcomes. Too often, blame is either directed at the client for perceived non-compliance or at oneself for lacking the right tools or knowledge. Yet, what if the root cause lies elsewhere?
What if the prevailing issue is not the client's adherence or the practitioner's expertise, but rather an education gap?
This realization prompted us to reassess our approach, leading to a comprehensive reevaluation of how we train and assess clients.
Our goal at Next Level Neuro is to empower practitioners to unlock the full potential of their clients by addressing the body as a unified entity rather than a collection of isolated parts.
As we delve into the intricacies of accessory assessments and applied neurology training strategies, we invite you to ask us more questions on how applied neurology can help your coaching practice.
Let's redefine the boundaries of conventional practice and pave the way for a more integrated, results-driven approach to client care.
Next Level Neuro believes that coaches should be the highest paid in their market and are the front line to a new era of client-centered care.
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