Empowering Personal Trainers: How Applied Neurology Redefines Education and Enhances the FMS Experience

brain science fitness education neuro mentorship personal training education Sep 19, 2023


In the realm of fitness, health, and coaching, maintaining a competitive edge is essential for delivering outstanding results to your clients. While you may already excel in your profession, have you ever sensed that a missing piece of the puzzle could propel your practice to new heights?
Herein lies the paradox: the educational landscape for personal trainers has remained largely stagnant, offering programs reminiscent of those from two decades ago. However, this stagnation is precisely what makes the arrival of Next Level Neuroscience a game-changer for personal trainers.
Notably, this innovative approach is not only revolutionizing our understanding of training and the human body but also reshaping established certifications like the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). It is establishing more reliable educational markers to aid trainers in their pursuit of excellence.

Why You Should Be Eager to Explore the Next Level Neuro Mentorship:

1. Enhanced Results: If you're already achieving positive outcomes for your clients, imagine the potential for even better and faster results. Applied neurology can provide the missing piece of the puzzle you've been seeking.
2. Unified Framework: Many coaches possess a toolbox filled with effective techniques, but what's often lacking is a cohesive framework to tie them all together. Applied neurology offers this governing system, making your existing tools more potent and comprehensive.
3. Practical Application: While you may have a strong theoretical understanding of the brain and nervous system, applied neurology bridges the gap by providing practical applications of these concepts, allowing you to translate knowledge into tangible results.

Why Applied Neurology is a Must for Your Coaching Business:

1. Cutting-Edge Science: Applied neurology represents the forefront of science and its practical application. In an industry that continually evolves, staying updated is crucial. Soon, it may become a prerequisite for any health, fitness, or mindset coach aiming to be taken seriously.
2. Nervous System Governance: The nervous system plays a pivotal role in governing all other bodily systems. To bring about real change in the body, it's essential not to overlook its impact. By incorporating applied neurology, you address the core of your client's well-being.
3. Rapid Results: If you're seeking swift improvements in your clients' performance and overall health, there's no better way than harnessing the power of the brain and nervous system. Applied neurology facilitates rapid transformations, ensuring your clients see significant progress sooner because the nervous system changes as fast as it takes to snap our fingers.

The Secret Shared by Neuro Coaches:

Here's a well-kept secret that neuro coaches readily divulge once they've integrated applied neurology into their practice: they wouldn't recommend their family, friends, or even themselves to work with a coach, trainer, or health professional who lacks knowledge of applied neurology concepts and techniques. The reason is clear – understanding the brain and nervous system is fundamental to achieving optimal results faster and with bigger overall benefits.

The Future of Health, Strength, and Coaching:

The brain and nervous system represent the next frontiers in the realms of health, strength, therapy, and mindset coaching. It's time to take the plunge and explore what applied neurology can offer your practice and your clients.

Learn More and Secure Your Spot:

If you're intrigued by the potential of applied neurology and want to embark on a transformative journey, don't hesitate to reach out. You can comment below, send us a direct message, or click the link in our profile to discover more about The Mentorship today.
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