Top 19 Neuro Drills By Functional Movement

fitness education neuro education pain relief Aug 07, 2023
Do you have nagging injuries that you can’t seem to help?
Have you tried using the Functional Movement Screen and its modalities for help?
In the infographic above, do you avoid those functional movements because of some chronic pain exacerbated when trying to perform the movement?
Or maybe balance, mobility, or something else stops you from performing these essential movements smoothly and pain-free.
What if you could use the power of the brain and nervous system to immediately improve your movement quality, balance, and strength in these movements?
Wouldn't that be a super high-value tool in your toolbox?
Try these drills with the four movements in the cheat sheet above.
They are some of our favorites and ones that we always return to when clients have issues with these movements.
If you need more and want the movements and neuro drills right in front of you while you test them, take a peek at The Neuro Functional Strength Program.

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