Top 6 Neuro Education Trainings Of 2022  

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  • The Neurology Of Posture (1 & 2)
  •  The Neurology Of Balance
  •  The Neurology of Mindset 
  • Chronic Pain & The Vagus Nerve
  • The Neurology Of Sleep

Never released before as a package!
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What's Included in the Package?

  • Never before released Neuro Education in areas such as Posture and Sleep by the leaders in Neuro Education for the last 20 years.   
  • Next Level Neuro's educators are internationally known with name recognition worldwide and are the leading Educators in Applied Neuro Biomechanical Coaches.
  • 6 of the most popular educational webinars of 2022! 
  • Never released before as a package, and now yours to keep forever!
  • Over 6 hours of neuro education on how the nervous system can help manage and improve these popular areas that you or your clients NEED TO KNOW:

The Neurology Of Posture (Part 1 & 2)

* Learn why your current posture training never stays with your clients.
* Learn the areas of the brain that need to be trained for sustained good posture. 
* Learn the 4 Pillars of posture never before discussed.
* Understand the exercises currently being taught for posture and why the body can’t sustain them.

The Neurology Of Balance

* Learn Why traditional balance education is misleading. 
* What are the three systems that make up balance?
* Why are vision and your inner ear critical to balance?  
* Why is training the brain the precipice of balance training? 

The Neurology Of Mindset 

* Why do clients have difficulty sticking to the plan you give them? 
*Why does it seem like they are pumped when they leave you, yet the next time you see them, they haven’t done any homework? 
* Learn what the survival mindset does to the brain and the activation of key brain areas. 
* Understand mindset from a brain function and a top-down approach.

The Neurology Of Chronic Pain 

* Learning how the traditional model of biomechanical training education (below the neck) has missed the most critical piece of education - ABOVE THE NECK. 
* Learn and understand the crucial physiological piece to endurance, the Vagus Nerve.
* Understand the main driver to recovery the industry has yet to use. 

The Neurology Of Sleep  

* Understand the role of sleep in cleaning the brain, repairing the brain, and everything else trainers tell you why we need to sleep more. 
* Understand the brain's role in facilitating the changes that come with sleep.
* Understand why you say you are “offline” when you don’t sleep well. 
* Learn the brain's role in clearing “Lactic Acid” and the importance of sleep with this. 

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