Next Mentorship Starts November, 15th 2023







Do you know that there is a level of education that is available to you as a personal trainer, that has never been available outside of medical school? 


The science of applied neurology and how that is applied to fitness programming has never been available outside of the university setting before.


The role of coaches and trainers in taking charge of a client's health has never been more critical. As we continue to face the Post COVID challenges of disease, chronic pain, mental health, and obesity, the need for highly educated health professionals is at an all-time high. 


Next Mentorship Starts November, 15th 2023



Do you know that there is a level of education that is available to you as a personal trainer, that has never been available outside of medical school? 


The science of applied neurology and how that is applied to fitness programming has never been available outside of the university setting before.


The role of coaches and trainers in guiding a client's health journey has become paramount. As we navigate the aftermath of COVID, confronting challenges such as disease, chronic pain, mental health issues, and obesity, the demand for well-informed health professionals is at an all-time high. 


We believe that coaches and trainers should be one of the highest paid professions in the health industry. 


We also believe that coaches and trainers should be among the most educated professionals in the health industry and be provided the BUSINESS EDUCATION along side that first rate education. 

Your Next Level Neuro Education 

Starts Here

12 Month 


Online, do-it-yourself courses are NO replacement for a REAL TIME MENTOR in the space. And this is exactly why Next Level Neuro built a 12-month model, so you can learn, apply, and ask questions, with in person live trainings, with quarterly and weekly virtual lessons. 

Customized Plans

No matter your area of expertise in the coaching field, this neuro-biomechanical mentorship applies across most modalities of health, pain relief, training, and mindset, which allows FLEXIBLE payment schedules.



Coaches and trainers have not been afforded the business education they deserve in the profession they are passionate about. Time has ended, and Next Level Neuro is building a new generation of coaches and well-run businesses in one mentorship.

A Community 


Our mentorship is establishing a community where coaches are taking on a new way to learn and share information and setting forth a new standard of education, business, and income everyone can share.

Next Level Neuro Mentorship Success Stories  


Here's What Makes NEXT LEVEL NEURO STAND OUT From Traditional 

Education Models

Quarterly In-Person (& Online) Live 



✅ In Person Live Events 4x a year. 
✅ Hands-on case studies and review based on each quarter's neurology education. 
✅ Real-time feedback from course instructors and live participants.  

Marketing and 

Sales Education 


✅ We provide comprehensive instruction on how to effectively communicate neurology, market neurology services, promote your business, and showcase your expertise on social media platforms.


✅ You will acquire comprehensive marketing and branding knowledge that has been neglected in the fitness education space. 

Business Growth



✅ As your applied neurology grows so does your need to integrate it into your business.  
✅ Twice monthly business education and integration for growth during your entire mentorship. 
‚úÖ Individualized monthly business coaching with each mentorship student.




Weekly LIVE Q+A


✅ Get ALL your questions answered in real-time with your course instructors.


‚úÖ During our weekly education calls, we facilitate a live Q&A session where you can ask questions about the current material or any previous topics that you need clarification on.


Development to




✅ We prioritize the skill to learn online because teaching online is not the same as teaching in proximity. 
✅ By teaching you both those skills, you're no longer limited by geographic location to who you work with, allowing a much larger population of clientele. 

Neuro Online 



✅ Every single drill with video explanations online.
✅ All neuro assessments online.
✅ All weekly recordings online.
✅ All quarterly seminars are recorded and housed online for life. 
✅ All PowerPoint handouts, including the entire neurology education.
✅ The entire neuro chart handouts for drills teaching clients. 
Video Poster Image
Let your mind wander to a world where your value as a coach is undeniably recognized. Can you see it? 
How does it resonate with you, being¬†‚Äúthe one‚ÄĚ everyone seeks when they need assured, transformative results?
Picture a world where your financial aspirations aren‚Äôt fantasies but tangible goals, where the hunt for the ‚Äúnext client‚ÄĚ isn‚Äôt a perpetual chase but a choice.
Today, a new level of education awaits you ‚Äď one that was previously exclusive to those only in medical schools. This is not just any education; it's a pioneering foray into an advanced curriculum.
This isn't merely about training. It's a revolution. It is essential to bridge the educational gap between personal trainers and medical professionals.  We acknowledge the pressing imperative to bridge the educational gap between personal trainers and medical professionals. 


Given the significant, direct impact personal trainers and coaches have in their client's lives, we wanted to provide you with the education that reflects this importance.
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"The Neuro Mentorship has been a HUGE transformation for my coaching business!  I was able to get essentially a 3-year education done in ONE year, and for less than 1/3 of the cost of other programs...

Neurology is now the lens that I view all of my other tools and training through... it's just that powerful!"
- Brandon, Phoenix, AZ
 "As a seasoned industry coach with a wealth of experience spanning two decades. I am thrilled about the remarkable impact that the Next Level Neuro Mentorship has had on both my professional growth and the lives of my clients.
There is not one educational model in the world that builds you professionally and in BUSINESS together, except this one.
It not only rejuvenated my accumulated knowledge from the past two decades but has also breathed new vitality into my business.
It stands as a driving force in changing my professional life.
Chris, South Riding, VA
Next Level Neuro's Advanced Mentorship gives coaches and trainers the practical application of neurology-based tools and training while providing ongoing business coaching.


Next Level Neuro's Advanced Mentorship will teach you to harness the nervous system as the governing and controlling system of the body. With a profound understanding of how everything above the neck affects everything below the neck, you can offer transformative, lasting results for your clients that the traditional biomechanical model was missing.


Our meticulously designed advanced mentorship equips you with precise neuro assessment techniques, that help you assess and keenly discern your clients' requirements to match them with the most effective neuro drills.  
But it's more than just knowledge. It's about vision. Pioneering the next evolution of coaches is no small feat, and with our mentorship, you're taking the first step. Join us, and lead the next generation of coaches, redefining what it means to be a coach. 
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What Makes Next Level Neuro's Mentorship Unique?

Ever enrolled in a weekend-long seminar only to depart feeling overwhelmed, retaining merely a fraction of what was taught?
Have you ever felt lost in trying to integrate your new knowledge, communicate its value, and, above all, market it effectively?
You're not alone.
We recognize the daunting challenge of juggling learning, earning, and business growth. It's unrealistic to expect a transformative educational experience over a mere weekend.
This drove us to curate an all-encompassing mentorship. A program that does more than just elevate your coaching expertise; it sets the foundation for a thriving business grounded in your new skills.
Our commitment to our students doesn't end with imparting knowledge. We walk beside you, guiding you on how to incorporate what you learn, market it, sell it, promote it, and much more.
Don't miss this pivotal move in your training journey and professional life. You might be a star in your gym today, but without Next Level Neuros Advanced Mentorship, you risk being eclipsed. This isn't just a trend; it's the future of training.
Dare to stay ahead. Dive deep with Next Level Neuro's Mentorship.

Why should a fitness professional 

take Next Level Neuro's Mentorship Program?

Simply put, BRAIN SCIENCE & APPLIED NEUROLOGY is here to stay and is changing the way fitness is done! 
Applied neurology is the missing link that allows trainers to be more successful than they ever have before.
--> Everything above the neck,  CONTROLS everything BELOW the neck. 


--> The BRAIN is the CONDUCTOR of the symphony orchestra that is your body.


 --> In an industry where your colleagues are worried about where their next client is coming from, you have a mentorship that will allow you to implement what you learned within minutes of watching and achieve instantaneous results with your clients.
2023 can be the year your business and YOU RISE and thrive because you embraced an education opportunity that was previously only available to people with white lab coats behind expensive and extensive postgraduate-level education degrees.  
We understand all you really want is to give your clients what they have always desired; A way to help that has a lasting impact and have a successful business alongside it.


It is TIME to RAISE THE STANDARD of coaches everywhere with Next Level Neuro's Mentorship.

This mentorship will give you the skills and tools to be miles ahead of anyone else in your area!

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Matt Bush is an internationally known instructor of Applied Neurology, Sport Science, Athletic Development, and High Performance Coaching. He has accrued over 10,000 hours of course instruction and coaching for physios, personal trainers, athletic coaches, chiropractors, yoga teachers, pilates instructors, and other health & fitness professionals. 


Kathy Mauck has 25+ years of experience in biology, medical research, and neurological study. Before working with Next Level Neuro, she was a partner and creator of a neuroscience-based education company called Z-Health Performance. After selling that business, she now focuses her attention in two areas: Neuro Training with Next Level Neuro and Business Growth Coaching through her consulting firm, KJM Consulting.

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