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Breathing Neurology & Post-Covid Recovery

Wednesday, March 24th

10:00am PST | 6:00pm CET

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What Is It?

If you've been struggling to overcome the symptoms of Long-Covid, Long Haulers, or Post-Covid Syndrome then this online seminar is for you!


Two expert neurology instructors from Germany and the United States have come together to teach:

  • How the body's internal sensory awareness is involved in daily activities, athletics, and Long-Covid
  • How that awareness impacts performance (from training, to work, to home-life)
  • And how COVID can affect these brain areas an others that contribute to the symptoms of Long-Covid
  • All instruction is in English


The seminar includes:

  • Practical explanations of these brain areas, what they do, and why they are so important in recovery
  • Self-assessments to help you determine what areas and what exercises to focus on to begin your recovery training
  • The drills you can use at home to start activating these neurological systems and moving toward feeling better quickly

You've struggled with the after-effects of COVID long enough!


COVID has been a huge tragedy in our world, and now it is estimated that up to 80% of people who had COVID - including mild and non-hospitalized cases - will suffer from at least two ongoing symptoms for an average of 6 months. 

However, before recovery can successfully be completed, it's vital to understand how breathing and the body's internal environment play a role in performance and recovery. 

This online seminar will teach you how breathing and neurology each play a vital role in recovery - and get you moving forward!

Why Do I Need This?

The most common complaints from people with Long-Covid are:

  • breathlessness
  • racing heart or irregular heartbeats
  • loss of smell and taste
  • muscle weakness
  • brain fog
  • joint aches and pains
  • blurry vision
  • dizziness & balance problems

These can last weeks or months if the brain's controlling centers have been "knocked offline" or aren't working correctly. 

With applied neurology, it's possible to bring these systems back online and get them functioning again! 

For athletes, the most common complaints are ongoing pain and discomfort, difficulty "getting into the training," and having limited performance even if they know they can be better. As a therapist or a coach, are you helping your clients recover form these problems and address them?

You may have even felt some of these yourself as an everyday athlete. 

These issues can last months or years for athletes who have had an injury or illness and are coming back from rehabilitation...

Or they can be long-term problems for those who don't know how to address them.

All of these issues are closely related to the function of your nervous system and a specific brain area called the Insular Cortex.

Its job is to manage your feeling of being "ready for the day" and to give input to the control centers, telling them that everything is ok and good to go.

In athletics, the Insular Cortex manages warm-up and readiness for exercise, increases your connection to your physical body, minimizes pain responses, and allows high-level performance to happen. 

Breathing is the easiest way to access this brain area - so the breathing neurology of this webinar will help you learn to address these issues and more by working with your Insular Cortex and improving its function. 

How Is Breathing Neurology Connected to
Post-Covid Syndrome?

Some people who have COVID recover completely within a few weeks, but many continue to have symptoms long after their initial recovery.

Up to 80% of people will have two or more symptoms for an average of 6 months after COVID has passed. These people are usually called Long-Haulers and their delayed recovery is called "Long COVID" or Post-Covid Syndrome.

The symptoms Long Haulers have include difficulty breathing, high heart rates, brain fog, anxiety, blurry vision, dizziness, loss of smell and taste, and joint aches and pains. 

Because of the strong effect that COVID has on the brain and nervous system...

and the fact that many of the symptoms are neurological more than physiological...

we have created a protocol for advanced neurological training that targets the brain areas responsible for these functions may improve symptoms and help athletes overcome this long-hauler syndrome faster and more completely than traditional medical strategies!

Several brain areas overlap between the Insular Cortex, breathing neurology, and Post-Covid Recovery, so we are bringing all of this information to you in this 3-hour training. 

What Makes This Different?

If you have been to a doctor or specialist with Long-Covid symptoms, you may have been treated as a patient with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). 

These are all serious diagnoses - but often are a collection of symptoms rather than an underlying cause of the problems. 

This training will help you discover the neurological areas that are at the root of these basic human functions, learn why they may be offline, and figure out how to bring them back online through training so they can help restore your normal feelings of health and daily activity. 

If you work with athletes or clients who have these issues with their Insular Cortex, their athletic development always feels like an uphill battle. Until now. 

During this deep-dive training you will learn the assessments and neurological exercises to break through the grinding difficulty and accelerate their progress like never before.  

And if you have athletes or clients who have had COVID and are now dealing with Long-Hauler symptoms or Post-Covid Syndrome, their athletic progress has STOPPED.

Other treatments for Post-Covid Syndrome are based on medications and therapies that treat the symptoms, rather than the underlying cause.

Because it is based on over 40 combined years of experience with applied neurology, this training is the fastest, most effective way currently available to get people turned around and back on the path to high performance.

If they don't learn this information and overcome the Long-Hauler, Post-Covid Syndrome, the setbacks and delays to their health and athletics may be so great that they never fully recover.

Who Is Presenting?

Yassin Jebrini
Owner, Jebrini Training

Jebrini Training

Yassin is the owner of Jebrini Training, based in Cologne, Germany. He works with athletes, coaches, physios, and trainers to improve their neuro-training skills and their performance.

He is well known as one of the leading instructors of the Neuroathletik Training method in Europe. 

Matt Bush
Owner, Next Level Neuro

Next Level Neuro

Matt is the founder of Next Level Neuro. He has been a leading instructor of Applied Neurology for the last 10 years and has accrued over 10,000 hours of instruction and coaching in neurology assessments and exercise in this time.

He works directly with coaches, athletes, physios, and trainers to improve the performance and recovery of athletes around the world. 

What's the Price?

We created this online seminar for one purpose: 

By the end of the training, you'll be able to start doing neurology-based drills... 

And within 24-48 hours...

You'll start to feel better and increase the speed of your recovery!

And to make that easier for you, we're doing this training for LESS THAN $100!

The people we've already worked with in this training program were so blown away by the content and the changes that they saw almost immediately, that we were getting messages like...

I’m seeing improvements!! I had 6 days with only two episodes of palpitations and flutters (1 of each) and no tanking of my heart rate.

Chest pain had been less intense and fewer episodes and I can walk 3 miles with a 10 minute break in the middle!

Exciting news, I got cleared to begin exercise again!!

20 minutes, 3 days this week. 10-20% of my 1RM πŸ˜³πŸ˜†

So I am going to be using baby weights 🍼🍼

I am beyond thrilled that I get to move this sack of jello again. 102 days since it all started and boy has it been a tough ride.

FIRST WORKOUT since November!!
Oh my god it was so tough and I’m so deconditioned but... I don’t give a flying frick because I GOT TO TRAIN!!!

Screw you, COVID!

I feel like me again!

I feel like I’ve been given a lifeline.

COVID has made the last year TOUGH for many people! Health and finances took a hit... 

Before now, you'd have to invest thousands into alternative medicine treatments that take months to work... 

Or you'd spend hundreds to work with us one-on-one each week. 

But that all changes because we're making this seminar available -- not just one coach, but two internationally known coaches -- for ONLY $97!

Register Now for Only $97!

In case you're wondering why it's so inexpensive... 

Here's the reason: 

We know this information can help people. It's out there in the literature and in the hands of specialists, but it's not available yet to the general public or to coaches who are working with athletes and clients regularly. 

AND we want you to work with us on our longer training program to improve your recovery and training even further! When you see how awesome this training is, you'll be excited to work with us in the future. 


In fact, we're so excited to share this with you and so sure that you'll love the content and the training that you receive, we're going to let you try it for 7 Days for NO RISK.

All you need to do is register -- either attend or watch the entire training replay -- and if you aren't blown away by the seminar, let us know within 7 days of the date of your purchase and we'll give you a full refund!

Now, let us be completely straight with you: 

If you don't think you'll take a few minutes each day, at home, to do a few simple exercises that could truly change your life and your health... then this seminar isn't for you... 

And you should probably pass on this and seek help from other professionals who can guide you or treat you in their clinics. 

This information won't help those who won't help themselves. 

But if you are ready to take action to improve your health and speed up recovery from Long-Covid... you may find this to be one of the most exciting and most helpful trainings you ever invest in. 

Register Now for Only $97!

You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers...

>> I'm not a professional coach, physio, or trainer... and I don't know neurology. Should I still attend?

Absolutely! This online seminar is intended for everyone who has suffered from Post-Covid Syndrome, Long-Covid, or Long Haulers.  And we will teach all the neurology that you'll need to know - in an easy to understand way - in the seminar! 

You'll walk away with powerful drills, some new knowledge of how the brain works, and the ability to start moving forward in your recovery!


>> How soon can I expect results if I do this? 

That's the cool thing about neurology! Some of the people who have already been through this program have seen their first results in HOURS... 

Like Michelle who had a noticeable drop in the number of heart rate spikes within the same day that we began!

And Carrie who's chest pain went away immediately after doing her first set of exercises!

What we've seen with most people is they get results within the first 2-4 days. 

There is still a journey ahead, but I'm confident that if you're someone who takes action on this, you'll see results fast!

AND... with those we've trained so far, there may still be some setbacks or relaps of symptoms, but they are further apart and less frequent than they were before they began. 


>> I'm busy at that time... Is there a replay?

Yes, absolutely! It will be available to everyone who registers! We'll make sure you get it within 24 hours of the original time of the seminar so you can catch the content as soon as possible!


>> If I'm willing to take a look at trying something new to improve my health and recovery, how do I get started? 

Registration is easy! Just click the button below and you'll be taken to our secure checkout page. 

Enter your regular details and click "Pay with PayPal" (Don't worry, you don't have to have a paypal account)

Once your registration is confirmed, you'll be taken to the final page where you'll see some instructions, and then we will email you the details about how to connect to the online seminar on March 24th. 

That's it! 


If you've got a question that's not answered here... 

That's ok!  Send me an email with your question and we'll get you an answer ASAP --
[email protected]

Register Now for Only $97!

This Is Your Chance! It's Your Time...

Just consider for one minute what it could cost to not participate in this training...

And this is not just some salesy speech... We are serious about helping people who have been suffering from Long-Covid or Post-Covid Syndrome. 

We are confident that we know almost exactly what is going to happen if you join us for this online seminar and learn how your neurology, breathing, and these training drills can affect your nervous system and your body... 

We believe you're going to start feeling better FAST! 

And if you're the professional who is working with others, we believe that you'll have new tools to make a HUGE difference in your clients' lives quickly as well! 

Remember that you have your full 7 Day money-back guarantee if you don't love the training.

You're fully protected in your investment, and we are going to take all the risk because we know how powerful this content can be. 

If you're still considering this, let's just imagine that you're standing at a crossroads right now... 

One path takes you down the road we've just shown you where great things happen for your health... 

Thirty days from now you'll feel like a totally different person, well on your way to recovery... 

Or you can stay on the road you've been on where Long-Covid is a daily grind and the frustration continues. 

We don't want that for you, or for anyone you know. 

Let us invite you one more time to join us for this live training, or register to get the replay. 

All you have to do is click through and register now... 

Register Now for Only $97!