Case Study: Human Resiliency & Navigating the Complexity of Health

case studies neuro education Oct 17, 2023
When clients receive and are hit with multiple health conditions at once, most coaches lose their clients. 
This case study is a PRIME example of how applied neurology and neuro tools keep you moving forward even when clients find themselves in the labyrinth of health complications.

Anne's Journey:

 Our client, Anne, is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. She found herself at the crossroads of pain, trauma, and uncertainty as an author, licensed counselor, and hiking enthusiast.
Two years prior, a devastating fall had left her with physical injuries and a concussion that triggered dizziness, vertigo, and visual depth perception issues. What was initially perceived as a straightforward case of knee pain took an unexpected turn to knee replacement Sx.

Anne's Challenges:

 Anne's journey was fraught with unexpected hurdles throughout the rehabilitation process.
Just when it seemed Anne was on the path to recovery, a series of unforeseen medical issues arose. Chronic fatigue, bronchial infections, a hiatal hernia, internal bleeding, and sinus infections created a daunting cycle of health complications.
The core of Anne's remarkable recovery lay in the principles of applied neurology. Under the guidance of her coach, Matt, she embarked on a multifaceted journey of neurorehabilitation.

Key elements included:

1. Visual Rehabilitation: Anne's visual suppression in her right eye was addressed through exercises such as Brock string pencil push-ups and bilateral eye movements.
2. Vestibular Rehabilitation: Balance challenges, vestibular ocular reflex (VOR) exercises, and lateral shifting helped Anne regain her balance and stability.
3. Sensory Mapping: Poor sensory mapping around her knee, hip, and ankle was corrected through sensory work, mobility drills, and joint mapping exercises.
4. Consistency and Resilience: Anne's unwavering commitment to her daily drills, mobility exercises, and sensory retraining played a vital role in her recovery.

The Power of Consistency:

 Despite the complications, Matt never doubted the power of applied neurology to provide support. The drills and exercises were physical and acted as a foundation for Anne's mental and emotional resilience.
Anne's journey is a testament to the interconnected nature of health. It underscores the importance of treating individuals holistically and recognizing that physical, mental, and emotional aspects are all facets of the same person.
As healthcare practitioners, we must acknowledge the potential for challenges and setbacks and be prepared to pivot our approaches to best support our clients.  THIS IS WHERE YOUR NEURO EDUCATION plays a crucial role in helping every area of a client's physical and emotional health.
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