FREE CASE STUDY SERIES: Curious about how you integrate Applied Neurology & Training?

case studies long covid neuro education Feb 01, 2024
🎯🎯Curious about how you integrate Applied Neurology & Training?  
Next Level Neuro's ♦️♦️ 2024's LIMITED - 4 PART - CASE STUDY SERIES —> FREE!
Discover the Power of Applied Neuro, Why You Want to Train Your Nervous System and Understand How to Best Serve Your Clients Through Case Studies!
🤜🤜This is where you can learn how applied neurology can boost your success with clients or in business.
In these Free case studies, you'll discover:
🎯 The power of neurology drills and training to increase client results (Creating WOW! Moments) and grow your business!
 🎯  The best Neuro Assessment Process to use with clients
 🎯  The WHY behind the choice of Neuro drills & tools
 🎯  Exactly how to know your tools are working EVERY TIME!
 🎯 Q&A with NLN Founders and Instructors
Dates Of Case Study Limited Series:
Time of ALL Calls - 10:00 am Pacific Time (US)
Feb 7th - Neuro Recovery after Long-COVID Symptoms
Feb 14th - Pain Relief & Chronic Headaches
Feb 21st - Training Athletic Performance with Neurology FIRST
Feb 28th - Overcoming Anxiety (and what causes it in the first place)
This is a LIMITED CASE STUDY RELEASE 🚩FREE 🚩- And you will receive the playback information for lifetime access. 
 It's time for the new generation of practitioners, therapists, coaches, and fitness trainers to take hold! 🚀
Here is the link to sign up for the FREE CASE STUDY Zoom Link and Replay.


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