💪 How Do We Unlock Our Bodies Potential.......and ACTUALLY have it STAY?

neuro education neuro mentorship Jan 08, 2024
How frustrating is it to sit in a training session, and think you have made a significant change in your body, only to come back the next session and you are back to where you originally started?


How do you make things stick?
How do they stay?
Why can’t we get them to stay?
This is where applied neurology comes into play and why it is fast becoming the next evolution of the health and training field.
In the pursuit of unlocking our full potential, envision making impactful changes – a 5 to 10% boost in strength or refined movement, achieved almost instantaneously through neuro drills that dynamically alter the nervous system…..and they stay.
Initiating this involves creating short-term functional changes. Consider the word ‘function’ as the essence of how your body operates and what it can achieve.
While not altering the brain structure, we provide sensory (vision, ears, proprioceptive + more) inputs to the nervous system, calming and turning on the brain efficiently, prompting it to adjust muscular force, contractibility, or muscle fiber recruitment – all constituting short-term functional change.
This functional change is our ability to move better and activate muscle fibers faster and more efficiently.

How fast does this happen?

These functional shifts occur at the pace of the nervous system, where signals travel at a staggering 200 miles per hour.
Imagine the speed – a significant factor, that can change for anyone, at any age.
At this speed, changes become almost instantaneous, affecting sensory receptors, motor neurons, spinal cord pathways, and brain areas that drive neural force generation.
This is how we get our clients to FEEL and SEE immediate changes and facilitate client buy-in on the spot. 
The impact the nervous can go through immediately enhances your client's lives and the business of the professionals who take the time to go through our mentorship education.
🚀 Our students start to understand the value that even minor adjustments can yield substantial results, be it in strength enhancement, movement refinement, and especially pain reduction. 
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