Brain Before Brawn: The Bold Frontier of Next-Level Health with Front-Line Coaches

brain science neuro education neuro mentorship Nov 28, 2023
For the first time in the history of our world, coaches are not just taking care of the physical aspect of our people, they are vested in improving our brain health.
To our Frontline coaching heroes, here's a compelling list showcasing why personal trainers, therapists, and coaches are paramount to the physical health and brain health of our society. 
This is why a deep dive into neurology is essential education for addressing the upcoming wave of health problems presented post-COVID, the physical problems that will accompany them, and how those who are on the front line to teaching our society everything new in health, literally are changing the very fabric of what holistic health means.

1. Physical + Brain Health Promotion:

Personal trainers not only contribute to physical well-being but are now actively supporting brain health, first. Historical perceptions of exercise benefiting brain health are evolving, with front-line workers now teaching clients how to enhance everything above the neck for the first time, which maximizes everything below the neck.

2. Mental Health Support:

Coaches, often who jest as the mental health support of their clients, now play a crucial role in helping individuals cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. Their focus on the brain's threat response, brain optimization, and the value of neurology is reshaping how we approach physical fitness and mental well-being.
In our mentorship we spend a great deal of time on the value of the threat response in the brain, what that does to everything below the neck and the immense value neurology does in decreasing stress in the brain.
Neurology interventions can positively impact brain function and emotional regulation by helping brain coherence and teaching ways to help that emotional regulation.

3. Neurology with Motivation and Accountability:

Beyond physical benefits, neurologically tailored exercise enhances mood and cognitive function. Coaches not only motivate individuals but also provide the exact neuro tools needed for their client's brain health, ensuring clients see and feel the changes immediately, keeping them motivated and engaged.

4. This Next Generation's Customized Guidance:

Coaches, akin to Starbucks' drink customization, now adapt within sessions based on neurofeedback, offering true customization a-la ordering at Starbucks.
Recognizing unique brain responses, they tailor guidance, leveraging neuro-designed drills for individualized physical, cognitive, and emotional needs.

5. The Brain's Role in Prevention of Injuries and Rehabilitation:

Neurology's pivotal role in movement and coordination aids coaches in facilitating better physical movement, preventing injuries, and supporting pain reduction. Accelerating rehabilitation, they bring clients back to normal life faster through skillful application of neuro-designed drills, based on the neuro assessments provided in our mentorship.

6. Public Health Impact:

The broader public health impact of front-line professionals lies in promoting activities that benefit both physical and neurological health. By reducing the incidence of neurological disorders, they contribute to the overall well-being of society.
Front-line personal trainers, therapists, and coaches are not just essential for physical health but also serve as conduits to our neurological well-being.
Clients are experiencing their brain health needs being met for the first time, much akin to what we do with our computers when we upgrade their operating systems and clean out viruses.
Our front-line health coach's role extends to promoting brain health through tailored guidance, motivation, and education, emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical and neurological aspects for a healthier and more resilient society.
This is the next evolution of health.

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