Navigating the Neurological Minesweeper: A Foolproof Approach to Client Assessment

brain science neuro education Jan 11, 2024
Have you ever played the game Minesweeper?
You know, the frustrating yet addictive game we all couldn’t stop playing? Ever struggled to figure out where to start, only to end up with a series of expletives? 
But why do I lead with this game on a neurology educational website? Where do you start regarding the client and their nervous system?
This is one of the first questions students ask in our mentorship: ' What is the best starting point for my clients?’
This is where Matt Bush and Kathy Mauck draw the parallels between Minesweeper and our foolproof assessment process for clients.
Here's the deal: Deciding wrong in Minesweeper might result in a "BOOM." Similarly, misjudgment with clients could mean losing them to the industry's standard six-week injury turnover.
Every client walking through your door is a half-solved puzzle – some broken, some compensating, and most with physical symptoms not functioning optimally.
You need to figure out where to start to keep clients healthy beyond the industry average of six weeks. The best way to assess, and the easiest place to begin, is by saying, "SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN'T DO."
By letting your clients show you their limitations, you gain insights into how their brain organizes movements, stabilize the body, and utilize strategies or patterns to complete tasks. You can spot compensations or restrictions before the metaphorical Minesweeper game goes "BOOM."
This simple phrase can reveal whether your client is facing performance challenges or dealing with pain. It's a crucial understanding when intentionally working with the nervous system and brain.
Are you curious to discover how to assess, reassess, and seamlessly integrate these insights into your training? We've got you covered!
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