Is Applied Neurology To Complicated For The Coaching Profession?

Apr 13, 2024
This statement is one we hear a lot…
“Applied neurology doesn’t fit with my level of training.”


This is a VERY common statement we hear from first-time inquiries into our education and we understand that fear.
Some believe that neuro training doesn't apply to their specific therapy or training education.  If you find yourself thinking this way or currently standing on the side where applied neurology seems distant, this could be the insight you've been searching for.
For years the perception around neurology was that it was only for traumatic brain injuries and brain disease.  If only that were the case.  For too long we have thought that as we age and our brains work less efficiently we are doomed to that evolutionary process. 
But thats untrue and we are working hard for the industry to understand that every client, at any age, will benefit from applied neurology.
The question we ask all of you…
Are you interested in helping others? Do you love science or technology and hope to use those interests to make a difference in the world?
If so, then an Applied Neurology education will open your eyes and professional creativity to a world that will change lives.
Applied Neurology is an exciting and fast-growing field that translates the skills in science, technology, medicine, and engineering that were once behind closed doors into real-life training solutions that help everyday people.
Those doors are open now and understanding the brain, how it works, and what we can do can be as easily applied as it is for you to write programs for the body.
Here are 4 reasons applied neurology is for all training modalities.


1. Understanding the Brain's Role in Health and Wellness:


Applied neurology involves utilizing the latest research in neuroscience and brain science to enhance everyday life. By understanding how the brain functions and what areas need addressing practitioners learn to better support their clients in achieving optimal health and wellness.

2. Optimizing Brain Function for Performance:


Your brain is like a GPS, constantly receiving and processing information from your body and surroundings. Having a clear map of your body is essential for optimal performance.
Applied neurology principles help clients optimize their brain's function, leading to improved performance in various aspects of life, whether it's sports, work, or daily activities.

3. Addressing Pain and Dysfunction:


Pain and dysfunction can be indicators of underlying issues within the nervous system. Applied neurology education equips the knowledge and tools to assess and address these issues effectively.


Understanding the importance of one pain-free rep and how it signals the brain can enhance rehabilitation and training programs, promoting better outcomes for clients.

4. Enhancing Quality of Life:

By utilizing applied neurology tools, you can help clients experience more joy, pleasure, and clarity in their bodies and lives. Whether it's improving movement patterns, reducing pain, or enhancing emotional well-being, applied neurology offers valuable insights that have yet to be discovered.
Applied neurology offers an education that allows you to work with clients you may have otherwise lost to specialists and doctors. You are no longer worried about losing a client to a situation you can’t solve because the brain and nervous system are linked to everything. 


Applying the skills you learn through a neurological perspective will only enhance what you have already learned and more.
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