Why is it so hard to get rid of chronic pain?

brain science neuro education neuro mentorship Aug 25, 2023
Why is it so hard to get rid of chronic pain?   That answer lies in what the next generation of coaches are learning.
In our experience, an astonishing 90% of new students entering our mentorship program grapple with unresolved pain. This is despite having an impressive educational foundation in biomechanics. However, a paradigm shift occurs when they come to the realization that everything above the neck drives everything below it.
This fresh insight and discovery serve as the key to unlocking solutions to those persistent, previously inscrutable issues. Our mentorship is designed to harness this understanding, leading professionals from the realm of traditional biomechanics into the transformative world of neuro-education, pain relief, enhanced performance, and increased lifestyles. 
Drawing from the foundational principles highlighted throughout our mentorship, we delve deeper into the heart of the matter. We equip participants with practical knowledge on assessing specific brain areas, identifying and mitigating factors that introduce threat perceptions, and fostering an environment that teaches you the EXACT neuro drills that downregulate threat (stress) in the brain, to the specific areas that present themselves with clients.
The mentorship emphasizes understanding, integrating, and teaching students through a hands-on AND online approach Students are empowered to deal with their pain symptoms, gaining dual benefits of personal relief while also learning to coach others effectively.
These tailored neurological drills are strategies designed to interact positively with the brain, strengthening its capabilities and fostering neuroplasticity, pivotal in dampening pain pathways.
By blending the principles of applied neurology with personal training programming in our mentorship, we create a dynamic feedback forum. This synergy equips trainers with the ability to swiftly reassess and determine, within mere seconds, the effectiveness of their program structure.
With this integrated approach, participants not only address pain but also pioneer a transformative journey for those burdened by persistent discomfort.
Join our mentorship to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, turning pain management from a challenge into a mastered art. For those dedicated to making a lasting difference in their client's lives, this is the next generation of training education.
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