The Power of Applied Neurology in Sports: A NEW Approach

brain science neuro education neuro mentorship personal training education Mar 25, 2024
Have you ever wondered how top athletes achieve peak performance and recover from injuries faster than ever before?
How do some recover from injuries faster than others?
What enables some to come back better after surgery than before?
How do some athletes seem to thrive while others fade away, leaving us all wondering about the career that never was?
The answer may reside in the coach and that coach's understanding that the brain has more to do with revolutionizing the athlete's career and making them better pre- and post-surgery.
I know that baseball players and many NFL quarterbacks have delved into vision training to enhance their hand-eye coordination, and may never have understood the holistic impact it may have had on their athletic abilities.
Sure, they seemed faster, but was it the eye training or what the eye training did to specific parts of their brain, accentuating their athletic prowess?

The Applied Neurology Edge: Revolutionizing Sports Performance

In the competitive world of athletics, gaining even the slightest edge can mean the difference between victory and defeat. While traditional training methods have long been the cornerstone of athletic development, there's a new frontier emerging: applied neurology.
The rise of oblique strains, cracked ribs, and more in rotational sports could very well be an epidemic in those sports right now. The reason, I believe (and this is just from experience), is that we have become so good at loading and training rotation that athletes' bodies can’t handle that much force on top of a brain that is ill-equipped to stop that force.
But what if it’s not about loading, but rather about training the brain, the vision, and the rotation component of the vestibular system to increase the speed of rotation following that athlete's physical measures?
What if we could do that and then load them accordingly, and their bodies learn to handle that repetitive stress better?
Is that loading the rotation in baseball or golf, or is it a bottom-up thought process first?
Having been a rational athlete my whole life and at 50 still throwing just as hard as I did at 21, tells me there has to be more to brain science than we have allowed ourselves to accept.
What was once locked behind closed doors and fancy PhDs is now available for all of us in the training industry, and it is changing the way we look at our athletic and current client base.
Learning how to harness the power of the nervous system to optimize performance, enhance recovery, and prevent injuries in athletes of all levels is changing this generation's understanding of what the body is capable of.

Understanding Applied Neurology: Going Beyond the Surface

At the heart of applied neurology lies a deep understanding of the intricate connection between the brain, body, and performance. By tapping into the body's innate neurological pathways, practitioners can unlock hidden potential and achieve results previously thought impossible. From improving coordination and agility to fine-tuning proprioception and balance, the applications of applied neurology in sports are vast and far-reaching.
This is all derived from a simple fact we do not need a PhD for: the brain changes as fast as you snap your fingers, at any age. Yes, we age, and the brain loses its function in areas we see a decrease.  But…
We can turn them back on, and in many cases, make them better than they ever have been.


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