4 Ways You Can Use Applied Neurology To Reduce Pain With Your Clients

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Which of these 4 Pain Relieving Techniques is the Which of these 4 Pain Relieving Techniques is the most surprising to you?
Where does the output for pain come from 100% of the time?
——> Answers below.
Pain is 100% of the time an OUTPUT from your BRAIN….
So, it makes sense to use a NEUROLOGICAL approach to deal with pain.
Everything we do as humans has a neurological basis, but understanding what’s going on in the communication between the body and brain via the nervous system body and brain via the nervous system is what makes the difference.
Use any of these 4 tools with the neuro context and understanding to get better client results.


(1) Move better

 A lot of pain results from poor mapping of the body represented in the brain. When your brain is functioning with blurry maps of the body and movement can feel threatening.
Clean up the joint movement with precise and mindful movements to reduce the threat to the brain.

(2) Breathe Better

A highly threatening situation for the brain is dysfunctional breathing.
And PAIN is a really great signal to send you to alert you that something is wrong.
Neck pain? Back pain? Headache?
These are common transient-type pains that can be cleaned up with better breathing.
Focus on long exhales.

(3) Use Opposing Joints.

The joints of the body are connected via the spinal cord reflexes and how we absorb force from the ground as we walk.
This means we can effect change in opposing joints and, with high success rates, reduce pain in those joints without actually working on the painful joint.

(4) Try Inhibition

Sometimes, pain is just a signal that things are getting too loud and you have to turn down the stress meter in the brain.
EX. Ever get a headache in a crowded and noisy room? Try a hat, colored glasses, ear plug, compression clothing, or anything that turns down the dials on the sensory input your brain has to process.
—> If you help people deal with pain and you want to improve their performance, using applied neurology is this generation's education that is changing an entire industry.
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