Are You Struggling With The Lingering Effects of Long-COVID?

long covid neuro education Dec 04, 2023
There’s a new strategy in town for Long-Covid Recovery!
75% of people experiencing COVID symptoms are still grappling with the aftermath, with an estimated 60% of those who suffered from acute Long COVID beyond 6 months still experiencing symptoms. 
Why Neuro exercises:  Neuro Recovery uses functional neuro exercises to activate and communicate with the brain areas most affected by Covid and Long-Covid.
It’s a unique strategy that can supplement your recovery efforts, medical team, and treatments that your doctor has already begun. For coaches with clients who have experienced Long-COVID, neuro exercises will allow you to provide them a solution for success instead of feeling like they have to stop training.
One of the main benefits of incorporating neuro exercises into a long-Covid recovery plan is that they target the root cause of the symptoms. While traditional treatments may only address the physical symptoms, neuro exercises restore communication between the brain and body, aiding overall healing.
Incorporating neuro exercises into a recovery plan can help individuals regain lost cognitive function. Many people who have experienced Long-Covid report brain fog and difficulty with memory and concentration. Individuals can work towards improving their cognitive function and overall brain health by targeting the brain with specific exercises.
Furthermore, neuro exercises have been shown to help reduce symptoms such as fatigue, muscle weakness, and balance issues. These symptoms are common among Long-Covid patients and can greatly impact daily activities. By incorporating neuro exercises into a recovery plan, individuals may see improvements. 
Neuro exercises also have the potential to improve mental health in long-Covid patients. Since the brain plays a crucial role in mood regulation, targeting it through specific exercises can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety that may arise from experiencing Long-Covid.
In addition to targeting specific symptoms and improving overall brain function, neuro exercises can also promote neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to adapt and change, and incorporating exercises that challenge the brain can help increase this capacity. This can be especially important for long-Covid patients who may have experienced changes in their brain function due to the virus.
Moreover, incorporating neuro exercises into a recovery plan allows individuals to take control of their healing process. Individuals can feel empowered and proactive in their recovery journey by actively engaging in exercises that target their specific symptoms and needs.
Addressing the question of whether Long-COVID might make individuals more susceptible to recurring health issues, the answer is affirmative and one we have experienced over and over again.  Just as some individuals with other chronic illnesses are more prone to relapses or recurring symptoms, likely long-Covid patients may also experience this. Therefore, including neuro exercises as a regular part of their routine can help prevent or lessen the severity of future flare-ups.
Additionally, incorporating neuro exercises into daily life can also provide a sense of normalcy and structure for long-Covid patients who may be experiencing disruptions and changes due to their illness. By making neuro exercises a part of their daily routine, individuals can feel a sense of control and consistency in their lives.
Recognizing and supporting those still grappling with the aftermath of Long-COVID is why Next Level Neuro has put together our Long-COVID Neuro recovery program. 
Unaware of the lasting effects, many individuals may need help navigating the path to recovery. Despite the severity of symptoms and the mental toll it takes, there is hope through neuro training exercises, offering a means to address the underlying nervous system issues and get them back to enjoying daily life. 
In response to this need, Next Level Neuro will be hosting a free training session on Friday, December 8th, @ 12 pm Pacific time, the replay of which can be accessed via the provided link. Furthermore, we are launching a new Long-COVID neuro recovery program on the 14th to provide ongoing support to those grappling with the lasting effects of Long-COVID. 
Click this link to register for the webinar and replay:

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